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NMC Recordings

Jonathan Harvey : Bhakti
Finnissy/ Newman/ Skempton/ Weir : Piano recital
Various : Mary Wiegold, soprano
James Dillon : East 11th Street
Howard Skempton : Lento
Butler/ Cashian/ Nicholls : String Quartets
David Lumsdaine : Aria for Edward John Eyre
Simon Holt : era madrugada & other works
Harrison Birtwistle : Ritual Fragment
Andrzej Panufnik : Cello Concerto
Elisabeth Lutyens : Chamber Concerto/ Isis and Osiris
Barry Guy : After the Rain
Hopkins/ Gilbert : Sensation & other works
Robin Holloway : Concerto for Orchestra No.2
Giles Swayne : Cry
Roger Smalley : Pulses
Dominic Muldowney : Oboe Concerto
Crosse/ Finnissy/ Goehr/ Matthews : Wavesongs
Sawer/ Hoyland : The Other Side of the Air
Powers/ Matthews : The Memory Room
Gerald Barry : Sextet
Alexander Goehr : Piano Concerto/ Symphony
Harrison Birtwistle : The Mask of Orpheus
Elgar/ Payne : Symphony No.3
Mark-Anthony Turnage : On All Fours
Elias/ Nash/ Payne/ Weir &c : Songs for Jane Manning
John Lambert : Portrait
Nicholas Sackman : Hawthorn
David Sawer : Byrnan Wood
John Woolrich : Lending Wings
Benjamin Britten : Les Illuminations
Various : Pastures New: Sampler
Guy/ Skempton/ Muldowney : NMC Revisited: Ancora!
Colin Matthews : The Great Journey
Katharine Norman : London
Various : Klang: Electroacoustic Collection 1
Various : Mixed: Electroacoustic Collection 2
Anthony Payne : Time's Arrow
John White : Piano Sonatas
Robin Holloway : Concerto for Orchestra No.3
Michael Finnissy : Red Earth
Richard Barrett : Vanity
Holt/ Birtwistle/ Maxwell : Pulse Sampler
Michael Finnissy : Mars+Venus
James Wood : Two Men Meet
Jonathan Lloyd : Symphony No.4
Martin Butler : O Rio/ Fixed Doubles
Minna Keal : Cello Concerto
David Bedford : Twelve Hours of Sunset
Various : A Round-up of NMC: Sampler
Edward Elgar : Sketches for Symphony No.3
Alexander Goehr : Arianna
Peter Paul Nash : Apollinaire Choruses/ Symphony
Anthony Payne : A Day in the Life of a Mayfly
Various : Spectrum
Gordon Crosse : Cello Concerto
Simon Bainbridge : Ad ora incerta
Judith Weir : A Night at the Chinese Opera
Philip Cashian : Dark Inventions
Various : Themes & Variations
Francis Burt : Und GOtt der HErr sprach
Brian Elias : Laments/ Ratushinskaya Songs
Robert Saxton : A Yardstick to the Stars
Barrett/ Ferneyhough/ Fox &c : Tracts
David Matthews : In the Dark Time
Anthony Gilbert : Dream Carousels
Various : Prime Cuts: Sampler
Hugh Wood : Symphony/ Scenes from Comus
John Woolrich : The Ghost in the Machine
Vic Hoyland : Vixen
Britten/ Gerhard/ Lutyens/ Bennett : Love from a Stranger: 4 Classic British Film Scores
Thea Musgrave : Helios/ Memento Vitae
Various : a white room
Various : The Hoxton Thirteen
Lyell Cresswell : Anake
Various : Live from State of the Nation 2001
Dillon/ Fox/ Maw/ Redgate &c : A roaring flame
Various : Bright Future
John Buller : Proenca/ The Theatre of Memory
Hugh Wood : Violin Concerto
Roger Smalley : Poles Apart: Chamber Music
David Matthews : Cantiga/ Symphony No.4
John Casken : Cello Concerto
Nigel Osborne : I Am Goya/ Flute Concerto
Harrison Birtwistle : Ancora: Triumph of Time
Chris Dench : ik(s)land[s]
Judith Weir : Piano Concerto/ Distance & Enchantment
James Dillon : The Book of Elements
Burrell/ Finnissy/ Redgate/ Salter &c : New works for clarinet
Rupert Bawden : The Sailor's Tale/ Two Studies
Alexander Goehr : Behold the Sun/ Romanza
Osborne/ Powers/ Nyman &c : In Sunlight
Sackman/ Burrell/ Poole : Lucifer
Various : New Stock: Sampler
Simon Holt : Boots of Lead
Colin Matthews : Machines & Dreams
Robert Saxton : Ancora: Caritas/ Violin Concerto & other works
Michael Tippett : Symphonies No.2 & No.4
Alexander Goehr : Sing, Ariel/ The Death of Moses
Robin Holloway : Violin Concerto & Horn Concerto
Michael Tippett : Remembering Tippett
Anthony Gilbert : On Beholding a Rainbow
Judith Weir : Ancora: Blond Eckbert
Finnissy/ Clarke/ EXAUDI : Independence Quadrilles
Robert Simpson : Ancora: Symphony No.3/ Clarinet Quintet
Michael Finnissy : Maldon & other choral works
John Casken : Ancora: Golem
Christopher Fox : A Glimpse of Sion's Glory: Choral works
Stephen Montague : Southern Lament
Edwin Roxburgh : Saturn/ Clarinet Concerto
Gerald Barry : The Intelligence Park
Brian Ferneyhough : Shadowtime