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Member Profile - Danny Ryan

Name Daniel Ryan
CT Mail
User Name Danny Ryan
Member Status  Full Member
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Date of birth 24/07/1992
Region United Kingdom  
Profile I am a composer, currently on a gap year to develope my ability. My aspiration is to be a film composer. I can compose for a wide variety of genres, but specialise in Jazz (small and big band) and Orchestral music, and can compose to film. My orchestral inpiration comes primarily from John Williams, and from my other favourite composers Tchaikovsky, Holst, Sibelius and Rachmaninov. I play the alto saxophone and can improvise with inspiration from Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Charlie Parker. I am composing for the Gloucestershire Youth Jazz Orchestra and for the St Peter`s High School music department and choir. I am always looking for new opportunities to compose, so please e-mail me about any projects I could be a part of.