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Name Young-Shin Choi
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User Name yxchoi
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Date of birth 28/06/1970
Region United States  
Interests composition both acoustic and electro-acoustic
Profile Young-Shin Choi is a composer for both instrumental and electro-acoustic music with a strong interest in interdisciplinary digital media. Mr. Choi is striving to cultivate an aesthetic based upon a unique combination of musical elements drawn from Korean traditional music and modern Western musical idioms.
Recent works were presented at the 2011 Ehwa Music Festival (Seoul, Korea), National Gugak Center Concert Series 2011 (Seoul, Korea), the 2011 Electronic Music Studio Concert “Levers and Wheels” (Santa Cruz, California), the 2010 Nong Project (Seoul, Korea), the 2010 TaiHei Ensemble Concert (Eugene, OR), the 2010 Pacific Rim Music Festival (Santa Cruz, CA), the 2010 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, (New York, NY), the 2009 ALEA III International Composition Competition (Boston, MA), the 2009 Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium (Eugene, OR),  the Synthese 2009 Festival (Bourge, France), the 2008 SCI Region VI Conference (Huntsville, Texas), the 2007-2009 April in Santa Cruz New Music Festival (Santa Cruz, CA), the 2008 Electronic Music Midwest (Chicago, Il), the 2008 BluePrint New Music Ensemble Concert Series II (San Francisco, CA), Kentucky New Music Festival 2008 (Lexington, Kentucky), etc.
In 2007, he organized a cross cultural ensemble SEHAMANO, a group of international musicians dedicated to creating and performing new music inspired by the traditional music of Korea. SEHAMANO performed new music for Korean instruments, Western instruments, and electronics by the U. S. composers and himself in Korea, Japan, and the U.S. every year since 2007. He is now at work on a multimedia piece for  Korean instruments, dancer, live electronics and video that will receive its world premiere in next SEHAMANO Concert in January 2012 in Eugene, Oregon. 
Mr. Choi received his Doctorate degree in music composition (D. M. A.) at the University of California Santa Cruz where he studied composition with David Evan Jones, Paul Nauert, and Hi Kyung Kim and studied electronic music with Jon Appleton and Peter Elsea. He taught classes including Laptop music , Prepatory Musicianship, and Music theory laboratories at UC Santa Cruz (2006-present). Currently, Mr. Choi is teaching Electronic Music Composition and Audio Production at Rochester Community & Technical College (Minnesota).