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Name Robert Ratcliffe (composer)
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Date of birth 25/11/1981
Region England 
Interests Hybridisation of contemporary art music and electronic dance music (EDM). Musical borrowing and transformative imitation within EDM.
Profile Robert Ratcliffe (composer) graduated from Keele University with a first class honours degree in Music and Music Technology, specializing in composition and performance (under the supervision of Michael Bell). Subsequently, he was the recipient of an AHRC award to undertake a Master of Research degree in composition, which he passed with distinction. A further AHRC award allowed him to undertake a PhD in composition (New Forms of Hybrid Musical Discourse) continuing with the embryonic work he initiated at Masters’ level. During this time, he has continued to study the piano privately with Prof. David Fanning (University of Manchester).

Research interests include: musical hybridisation, especially between contemporary art music and electronic dance music (EDM); the musicology of EDM; sampling, musical borrowing and transformative imitation within EDM; the influence of technology on musical language. He is a member of the ‘Dancecult’ research network, and in 2008, he organised the Beyond the Dance study day on electronic dance music, in conjunction with the Royal Musical Association and the Humanities Research Institute at Keele University.

An important part of his research has comprised looking in detail at the tools of production used in the creation of electronic dance music by various artists. The output of this research into the functionality of the equipment and deliberate ‘creative subversion’ of its intended normative use has been used to develop a vocabulary of compositional techniques for use within his own work.