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Name Mark Lawrence
CT Mail
User Name mark
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Region United Kingdom  
Interests opera, choral, theatre, vocal, ensemble, children`s and community music
Profile Based in Bristol, Mark is a composer, teacher, musical director and music animateur. Recent work includes `Earthshine` for the London Sinfonietta and the community opera `Cosmos` at St George`s Bristol. Past work has included music for stage and BBC Radio Drama and several children`s operas. From 1992 founder-director of Music Box Children`s Opera group in bristol. Future projects include a new choral piece to open the 2009 Bath International Music Festival. Mark teaches composition and theory at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and at City University, London, as well as working as an animateur on large scale education projects involving singing and composition. He is currently completing a PhD in Composition with Rhian Samuel at City University London, researching into the music of Veljo Tormis.