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Name Litha Efthymiou
CT Mail
User Name litha
Member Status  Full Member
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Date of birth 28/10/1980
Region United Kingdom  
Interests Composition for the concert hall and the theatre
Profile With a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust, Litha studied Composition with composers Stephen Montague, Andrew Poppy and Errollyn Wallen at Trinity College of Music. She has since composed music for a number of musicians and ensembles and has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including; film makers, theatre artists, dancers and choreographers.

Her recent concert commissions include `The Journey` (for chamber orchestra), premiered by the St Paul`s Sinfonia and conducted by Andrew Morley at St Paul`s church in March 2011; `Parting` (for string quartet and dance), premiered by the Wu quartet at the Greenwich International String Quartet Festival in April 2011; ` Starless` (for 4 harps), premiered at Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the Ether Festival in Marh 2011; `Scribbles` (for small orchestra), conducted by Gregory Rose and premiered at Blackheath Halls in September 2010; `Agrippina`s Descent` (for violin and electronics), premiered by acclaimed violinist Darragh Morgan at the Old Royal Naval College in May 2010; `Musing` (for wind quintet) premiered at the London New Wind Festival, Regent Hall in November 2009; and `Lady M` (for wind quintet, soprano and electronics) premiered by the London Myriad Ensemble at St Mary le Strand church in Holborn in June 2008. Litha has also recently been commissioned by Kettle`s Yard to write a piece of music for acclaimed percussion group, Ensemble Bash.