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Name roberto rusconi
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Date of birth 01/04/1976
Region Italy  
Interests Gong Fu, Muay Thai.
Profile Born in Venice in 1976, Rusconi developed an early interest in both classical and contemporary music. He studied first under the supervision of his grandfather , outstanding first violin under Toscanini. He graduated from Padova Conservatory in
Composition and Choir Conducting and Church Music . Rusconi won several
international prizes and was invited in many continental residencies and fellowships.

Rusconi studied with C.A.Grandi e W.Dalla Vecchia, A.Guarnieri.

In 1994 he moved to UK, as cultural refugee, where he now leaves and works as
freelance producer , composer and teaches private students. He is currently Artistic
Director of Intrasonus Festival in Venice. In 2008 he has been Shortlisted for SPNM. The
composer catalog includes a wide number of acclaimed chamber and ensemble works,
but he is also known for his electronic music productions also known as Kryon released
by Hard Leaders London and Timing Records Berlin. His music has been played by
outstanding performers as Klangforum Wien, Contrechamps, members of the Arditti
Quartet, JACK String Quartet and Trio Fibonacci, Insomnio and Bit20 Ensemble while
his works have been performed all over Europe, in Russia and USA. He also worked with
Billy Hart, Cameron Brown and Ursula Rucker to record a production of his own
supported by Unicef : the CD �Blue Gold� on the worldwide water shortage issue. In
October 2009 his score for large orchestra �Lo Sguardo di Ecate � will be performed at
World Music Days ISCM in Sweden by the Malmo Symphony. He has been selected as
active composer for Experimental Studio Academy 2009 in Freiburg and for a 2009/2010 prestigious residency at Aldenburgh. Latest performance Spanish National Symphony Orchestra in Madrid and Daegu COntemporary Orchestra in South Korea

�Rusconi seems to me to combine tenacity of purpose with excellent

organizational and interpersonal skills , intelligence , intellect and vision.�

(David Alberman)