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Name Brian Vlasak
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Date of birth 07/01/1979
Region United States  
Profile Brian Vlasak (b. 1979; Binghamton, New York) is an independent scholar and composer. He earned both his B. Mus. (2003) and M. Mus. (2004) from the Crane School of Music, and his Ph.D. (2007) from the University of Iowa, where his primary composition instructors were David Heinick and David Gompper, respectively. From 2005-2006, Brian was honored with the University of Iowa’s Henry and Parker Pelzer Composition Fellowship, and since graduating, taught at Augustana College in Illinois and the Ithaca College Conservatory of Music. Presently, he lives in Iowa City, where he is working towards an English Literature degree with dual certificates in Writing and Leadership Studies. Brian’s music has been called “meticulous”, “crystalline”, and “hauntingly complex” by those who have commissioned him, and his work has been heard across the United States and Australia.

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