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Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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 Monday, December 12, 2016 at 8.30pm 
Jonglerie musicale
IRCAM/Centre Pompidou-Grande salle-Paris


Jérôme Thomas Juggler
L'Instant donné
Lorenzo Bianchi, Benoit Meudic, Augustin Muller IRCAM Computer Music Design
Frédéric Bevilacqua, Norbert Schnell Scientific Advisors (Sound Music Movement Interaction Team – IRCAM-STMS)
Emmanuel Fléty, Alain Terrier Conception and Construction of the IRCAM-STMS Augmented Balls
Bernard Revel Lighting Design
Conception Jérôme Thomas
Viola Ferraris, Florence Huet, Chloé Mazet, Ria Rehfuß, Jérôme Thomas Jugglers
Stanislav Makovsky, Moondog, Guillaume Tiger music
Bernard Revel Lighting Design
Emmanuelle Grobet Costumes and Props

Thanks to Jérôme Thomas, juggling is now recognized in France as a unique and distinct art. Conceptualized for a septet which includes a juggler, Dels dos principis is the fruit of an already established collaboration between the artist and the composer Henry Fourès. "Through the intervention of music technology and its new tools, the gestural characteristics are translated, manipulated and composed in a veritable chamber music score." Henry Fourès. Purely electronic works presented as solos, duos, and quartets of circus artists will complete the evening. PLAK and Elastic were developed during the In vivo Électro workshop during IRCAM's 2016 ManiFeste academy.

Gerard Grisey : Stèle
Henry Fourès : Dels dos Principis

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