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New Music Concert Listings - United States

Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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22 Jun

United States
 Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 6pm - 7pm 
Gene & The Percussionists - The Percussion Music of Gene Pritsker -
Le Poisson Rouge
United States

Tickets: 10
Gene Pritsker
Patti Cudd
Michael Lipsey
Cesare Papett
Peter Jarvis
Jim Kempner

Composer Gene Pritsker presents a concert of his music for percussion. “Over the years I have written many percussion compositions, from solos to chamber music to percussion ensembles, etc. I decided to have a concert featuring some of these older compositors as well a few world premieres”. Four stellar percussionists and a poet will join Gene to perform solos, duos, chamber pieces, as well as compositions with Di.J. & Samplestra (pre recorded electronics). The concert will feature: Patti Cudd on ghatam (an ancient clay pot percussion instrument of South India), Michael Lipsey on talking drum (an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa), Cesare Papetti on darbuka (a middle eastern goblet drum). Peter Jarvis on drum set with poet/comedian Jim Kempner perform ’Comedic Poems’ with Gene on Guitar. World premieres include ‘Melting Pot’ written for Patti Cudd for gahtam and Samplestra, a new quartet for darbuka, talking drum, ghatam and Di.J. as well as a new duo for electric guitar and darbuka. Other compositions include ‘Sitting’ for talking drum and Samplestra.

Gene Pritsker : Comedic Poems
Gene Pritsker : Encomium
Gene Pritsker : Melting Pot
Gene Pritsker : Sitting

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