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New Music Concert Listings - United States

Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
Advertise your contemporary classical music concert free of charge.
Add your listing here or if you prefer, send details to (Concert must include new music)

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United States
 Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 7.00pm - 8.00pm 
Composers Concordance 'RoundTable' featuring ETHEL & TALUJON
Le Poisson Rouge
United States

Tickets: Tickets $15 at door; $10 in advance
Ralph Farris, viola; Kip Jones violin;
Dorothy Lawsen, cello; and Corin Lee violin.
TALUJON percussion quartet: Ian Antonio, David Cossin, Matthew
Gold, Tom Kolor, Michael Lipsey, and Matt Ward

The concert will include a roundtable panel of celebrated artists, musicians, and poets, who will be onstage providing commentary. The panel will include Beth Fertig (contributing editor, WNYC), Mark Stewart (guitarist), David Baker (poet), Charles Coleman (composer, vocalist),
and Paul Mills aka Poez (poet).

The audience will be invited to tweet their immediate reactions to the music, which includes several premieres. Tweets, favorable and critical, will be projected live onscreen during the performance.

Dan Cooper : Ambition Blinds
Melissa Grey : hyperlocal for ETHEL
Milica Paranosic : Kolaricu
Svjetlana Bukvich : Once You are Not a Stranger
Peter Jarvis : Opposites Attract
Gene Pritsker : RoundTable
Randy Woolf : Fire
Robert Levin : Ungundi Wele Wele

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United States
 Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 4.00pm 
Hyo-shin Na's Music for Japanese Koto and Korean Kaygeum
Old First Concerts
1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
(415) 474-1608

Tickets: $5 - $20
Thomas Schultz, piano; Shoko Hikage, koto/bass koto; Yuki Yasuda, koto/bass koto; In Jung Lee, kayageum; Hae Jung Lee, kayageum; Guee Jin Kim, kayageum; Ga Hee Lee, kayageum; Ga Hyeon Lee, kayageum

1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco (tel.) 415.474.1608
Wooden Fish Ensemble
with special guests Gyeonggi Kayageum Ensemble

Hyo-shin Na : Koto, Piano II
Hyo-shin Na : Koto, Bass Koto
Hyo-shin Na : Kayageum Music
Hyo-shin Na : Night Procession of the Hundred Demons
Hyo-shin Na : Akhmatova’s Music
Hyo-shin Na : That Old Woman for koto and kayageum

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United States
 Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 630PM 
Gene & The Woodwinds - The Woodwind Music of Gene Pritsker -
Le Poisson Rouge
United States

Tickets: $10
Michiyo Suzuki - bass clarinet, Keve Wilson - Oboe, Meighan Stoops - clarinet, Karen Bogardus - flute, Igor Begelman - clarinet, Paul Mills aka Poez - poet & narrator as well as Gene Pritsker on Guitar

Composer Gene Pritsker presents a concert of his music for woodwinds; “I have worked with many great woodwind players and decided to produce a concert featuring some of theses amazing performers.” Five wind players and a poet will join Gene to perform solos, duos, chamber compositions, and music for winds and Samplestra (pre recorded electronics). The concert will feature: Michiyo Suzuki - bass clarinet, Keve Wilson - Oboe, Meighan Stoops - clarinet, Karen Bogardus - flute, Igor Begelman - clarinet, Paul Mills aka Poez - poet & narrator as well as Gene Pritsker on Guitar and as Di.J. Premieres include a setting of the poem ‘How Far 2 Zuccotti Park’ by Paul Mills aka Poez, with the poet narrating, as well as 'Affections’ for flute and oboe and a new Choro for oboe and Di.J.. Gene & Michiyo will perform 'Ineffably Still’ for bass clarinet and electric guitar from Gene’s new chamber album ‘Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death’

Gene Pritsker : Ineffably Still
Gene Pritsker : Affections
Gene Pritsker : How Far 2 Zuccotti Park

20 Feb 
21 Feb

United States
 Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 04:00pm 
Organist Gail Archer Performs Free Concert
St. Mary's Cathedral
111 Gough Street
United States

Tickets: Free
Organist Gail Archer

Gail Archer is an international concert organist, recording artist, choral conductor and lecturer who draws attention to composer anniversaries or musical themes with her annual recital series including Max Reger: The Last Romantic, The Muse’s Voice, An American Idyll, Liszt, Bach, Mendelssohn and Messiaen. Ms. Archer was the first American woman to play the complete works of Olivier Messiaen for the centennial of the composer’s birth in 2008; Time Out New York recognized the Messiaen cycle as “Best of 2008” of classical music and opera.

Cesar Cui : Prelude in G Minor

22 Feb 

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