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New Music Concert Listings - United Kingdom

Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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27 May

United Kingdom
 Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 2.00pm - 10.30pm 
Pieces for Pauline: A Tribute to Pauline Oliveros
Cafe Oto, London
22 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL
United Kingdom

Tickets: Afternoon concert - £8/£6 in advance; evening concert - £10/£8 in advance; workshop £8 in advance
Rhodri Davies
The Vocal Constructivists
Phil Durrant
Mark Wastell
Bill Thompson
Janet Oates
Kerry Andrews
Deborah Edwards
Derek Foster

CONCERT 1 (doors open at 2pm – concert starts at 2.30) explores Pauline Oliveros’ approach to ‘deep listening’ with drone-based improvised music performed by Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant, Bill Thompson and Mark Wastell.

The ‘DEEP LISTENING' WORKSHOP (4pm) will be led by Viv Corringham, who has worked with Oliveros and is certified to teach ‘deep listening’. This is open to musicians and non-musicians.

CONCERT 2 (doors open at 7:30pm – concert starts at 8.30) will feature pieces by Pauline Oliveros and a structured improvisation from the afternoon workshop. There will also be new pieces by Kerry Andrews, Deborah Edwards, Derek Foster, Janet Oates and Margrit Schenker. The concert will be performed by Rhodri Davies, THE VOCAL CONSTRUCTIVISTS and members of Contakt.

Pauline Oliveros : 13 Changes
Pauline Oliveros : Horse Sings From Cloud
Deborah Broderick Edwards : Meditation on an Oak Tree
Kerry Andrews : əʊtəskəʊp (otoscope)
Derek Foster : Cover Up
Pauline Oliveros : Space of Spirit: Unfolding the New Born Lotus
Janet Oates : Preoccupation Tapestry
Margrit Schenker : Bird Call

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