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Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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 Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 6.30pm 
Trurliade – Zone Zero for percussion and orchestra
Lucerne Festival

Susanna Mälkki conductor
Martin Grubinger percussion

Martin Grubinger adds world premieres to his resume the way others collect stamps. But seriously, the fact that such contemporary composers as Friedrich Cerha, John Corigliano, Peter Eötvös, and now composer-in-residence Olga Neuwirth practically jump at the chance to write for this percussion artist is hardly a surprise. Thanks to his stupendous virtuosity, his phenomenal feel for sonic colors, and his boyish charm, Grubinger has been remarkably successful in making supposedly “difficult” new music accessible to a wider audience. The Finnish conductor Susanna Mälkki, herself a specialist in the music of our time, will juxtapose Neuwirth’s new percussion concerto with modernist classics including Arnold Schoenberg’s rarely played score written to accompany a film that was never made: a soundtrack on which the 12-tone method and thrilling music are not opposites!

Arnold Schoenberg : Accompaniment to a Film Scene, Op. 34
Olga Neuwirth : Trurliade – Zone Zero for percussion and orchestra
Anton Webern : Six Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6
Helmut Lachenmann : Schreiben for Orchestra

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 Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 7.30pm 
Berlin Philharmonic | Sir Simon Rattle
Lucerne Festival

Berlin Philharmonic
Sir Simon Rattle conductor

“Gustav Mahler completely changed my life,” says Sir Simon Rattle. Indeed it was Mahler’s music that initially led him to the idea of pursuing a career on the podium. The 11- or 12-year-old Simon had his first inspiration in his native Liverpool when he heard a performance of the Second Symphony. “I had already realized that I wanted to become a musician, but this experience led me to become a conductor.” Mahler has been a constant companion throughout his career ever since – and will be a trustworthy star to light his way for his first Lucerne performance of this summer, when the Berlin Philharmonic plays the mighty Seventh Symphony. But for the opening Rattle has chosen “the one piece in the repertoire where the conductor himself has to play along”: Éclat by Pierre Boulez. This work consists of certain set passages and patterns from which the man (or woman) on the podium can freely select: the fingers are used to indicate a number that signifies to the 15 soloists which particular passages they should then play.

Pierre Boulez : Éclat” for Fifteen Instruments
Gustav Mahler : Symphony No. 7 in E minor

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