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Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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 Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 4pm 
Michel van der Aa Blank Out
Lucerne Festival

A coproduction of Dutch National Opera Amsterdam with LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Imagine 3D glasses at the opera! The Dutchman Michel van der Aa is not only a composer but also a filmmaker and director. And he combines these various artistic identities in virtuosic Gesamtkunstwerk projects. As, for instance, in his multimedia chamber opera, Blank Out, which was first performed in the spring of 2016 in Amsterdam and is now receiving its Swiss premiere as the start of a van der Aa retrospective for Lucerne’s composer-in-residence. A single singer, the soprano Miah Persson, appears onstage. Opposite her is the baritone Roderick Williams, but he is present only virtually: in a 3D film that blends pre-produced material with live-recorded video sequences. What is reality and what is fiction become harder and harder to distinguish in this tragic story of a mother-son relationship that is based on the life and texts of the South African writer Ingrid Jonker. A major event that combines emotional power with high tech.

Michael van der Aa : Blank Out

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 Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 11am 
Helena Winkelman World Premiere
Lucerne Festival

Ghost Choir (Peter Siegwart chorus master)
Dani Mangisch speaker
Sylvia Nopper voice

Starting in the mid-1970s the group known as Oberwalliser Spillit became a sensation. With clarinet, hammered dulcimer, and such new-fangled instruments as the Tenundi Titschini (a tuned wooden drum), as well as plenty of wit, the “Oberwalliser Spielleute” (“the bandsmen from Valais”) devoted themselves to the old tunes and dances of the Swiss Confederation – but without a hint of old-fashioned stuffiness. And they proved that folk music and the avant-garde can get along by having contemporary composers write new works tailor-made for them. Composers like Heinz Holliger. In Alb-Chehr he set a Valais legend about two shepherds and a cantankerous dairyman who run into some music-making ghosts – with a fatal outcome for the dairyman. Shortly after Oberwalliser Spillit broke up in 2001, the clarinetist Elmar Schmid founded the ensemble sCHpillit, which is now coming together again to present not only Holliger’s classic but also a brand-new score by the composer and violinist Helena Winkelman.

Heinz Holliger : Fünf Kinderlieder
Heinz Holliger : Alb-Cher. “Geischter- and Älplermüsig”
Heinz Holliger : Gränzä – Grenzen
Helena Winkelman : Ronde des Lutins

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