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Welcome to the Composition:Today New Music Concert Listings.
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7 May

United States
 Monday, May 07, 2018 at 8.00pm-10.00pm 
Oratorio Society of New York: Sanctuary Road & We Are One
Carnegie Hall
New York
United States

Tickets: $25-$90
Kent Tritle, conductor; Laquita Mitchell, soprano; Raehann Bryce-Davis, mezzo-soprano; Joshua Blue, tenor; Malcolm J. Merriweather, baritone; Dashon Burton, bass-baritone; and the Orchestra of the Society

The Oratorio Society of New York will close its 145th season by performing two world premieres with one powerful message: the human spirit cannot be conquered.

Paul Moravec : Sanctuary Road: An Oratorio Based on the Writings of William Still, a Conductor for the Underground Railroad
Behzad Ranjbaran : We Are One

8 May 
9 May

United Kingdom
 Wednesday, May 09, 2018 at 7.30pm 
English Symphony Orchestra perform a World Premiere of David Matthews' Symphony No 9
St Georges Concert Hall, Bristol

United Kingdom

Tickets: £40, £35, £30, £25, £15, £5
English Symphony Orchestra
Sheku Kanneh-Mason, cello
Kenneth Woods, conductor

Describing itself as ‘the international orchestra of Elgar country’, it is fitting that this programme by the English Symphony Orchestra is bookended by two beloved works by Elgar. Alongside the enticing prospect of hearing Sheku Kanneh-Mason as soloist in the Cello Concerto, there is the chance to hear an acclaimed new orchestral rendering of the Piano Quintet. Elgar himself wrote of this work, composed a century ago in 1918, that it ‘runs gigantically and in a large mood’. So it is perhaps unsurprising how well it works in what a recent Gramophone review describes as ‘a richly upholstered orchestration’ – whilst also managing to be ‘astutely appreciative of the simmering passion and sense of loss that permeate this wistful creation.’

Complementing these quintessentially English works is the world premiere of a new symphony by another composer with a distinctively English sensibility, David Matthews.

Limited ticket availability!

David Matthews : Symphony No.9
Edward Elgar : Piano Quintet (version for symphony orchestra)
Edward Elgar : Cello Concerto

10 May 
11 May

United Kingdom
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11 May

United States
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12 May 
13 May

United States
 Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 2:30pm 
Leading Female Organist Gail Archer Performs Free Concert
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
2319 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA
United States

Tickets: Free
Gail Archer, organ

Internationally renowned concert organist and recording artist Gail Archer releases her eighth solo album A Russian Journey (TBR 09.25.17 Meyer Media) featuring works by 19th and 20th Century Russian composers including members of the Russian Five and their successors. Featuring hidden Russian gems from the organ canon, A Russian Journey enthralls listeners with Archer’s musicality, sensitivity, and visceral quality. Ms. Archer was the first American woman to play the complete works of Olivier Messiaen. Time Out New York recognized the Messiaen cycle as "Best of 2008" in classical music and opera. Her recordings include A Russian Journey, The Muse’s Voice, Franz Lizst: A Hungarian Rhapsody, Bach: The Transcendent Genius, An American Idyll, A Mystic in the Making (Meyer Media), and The Orpheus of Amsterdam: Sweelinck and his Pupils (CALA Records). Ms. Archer’s 2017 European tour took her to Germany, Italy, the British Isles, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Highlights include St. Nicholas Church, Stuttgart, Germany, Church of San Domenico, Palermo, Sicily, the Temple of the Renaissance, Bryansk, Russia, the Philharmonic Hall, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine, and the Basilika Mariaska, Gdansk, Poland. She is the founder of Musforum, an international network for women organists to promote and affirm their work.

14 May 
15 May 
16 May 
17 May

United Kingdom
 Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 6.30pm 

The Whitworth
Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER
United Kingdom

Tickets: £5.50 to £17.50 (including concessions).
Psappha Ensemble

In a programme inspired by film, photos and animation, Psappha, Manchester’s professional contemporary classical music ensemble, showcases new works from some of the UK’s leading young composers: Will Frampton, Dani Howard, David John Roche and Bethan Morgan-Williams, whose work has been directly inspired by The Whitworth collection. Each piece will receive its world première as audiences take a musical adventure through the gallery.

Judd Greenstein : Plan of the City
MIchael Gandolfi : History of the World in Seven Acts
David Fennessy : 5 Hofer Photographs
Will Frampton : Music Alone
Dani Howard : The Den
David John Roche : No Steel Leaves
Bethan Morgan-Williams : Traces of a disco

17 May

United States
 Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 7.30pm 
Georgia Shreve's first solo multi-media concert
Carnegie Hall
New York
United States

Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

On May 17th, her work will be performed at Carnegie Hall for the 7th time, in a multi-media concert for chamber orchestra, piano, choir and vocal soloists. The concert will include her new setting of Alice in Wonderland featuring Salvador Dali’s paintings based on Alice. It will also include her new film Protopia which she is creating and setting to music. The third multi-media piece, The Four Seasons, is composed of time-lapse video of the seasons created on iconic New York terraces accompanied by her Piano Concerto. Her new choral piece, Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way, will also be performed.
“It is my first solo-concert and will feature three premieres,” she says. “Four works of mine will be performed by chamber orchestra, choir, and vocal soloists that evening.”

The May 17th concert marks her fifth consecutive collaboration at Carnegie Hall with the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble.

The concert will include Georgia Shreve’s setting of Alice in Wonderland accompanied by a montage of Salvador Dali’s fascinating paintings inspired by the book. Alice in Wonderland has had a long and lively life since its debut almost 150 years ago,” says Shreve. “It has appeared in numerous animated and live-action films, has attracted over 40 illustrators, and has been issued in almost 50 editions. In setting it, I have worked hard to bring it alive in music while fusing it with the extraordinary paintings by Salvador Dali to provide new visions of the story.”

Her new film Protopia will also have its debut at the concert. “I created the word Protopia to express a vision of the future which is coming to life today, that is positive, optimistic, idealistic and altruistic, positive progress in the making. We are bombarded with negative news that blinds us to all the awe-inspiring prosocial projects and accomplishments that are happening right now.”

To illuminate this vision the composer has created a film, set to a poem by Walt Whitman, that expresses a positive universal spirit that connects us all. The film highlights the composer’s perception of current developments which are making the world a better place.

"Georgia Shreve is a unique voice in the world of contemporary music,” observes Richard Auldon Clark, founder and conductor of the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, created 30 years ago. “Her original settings combine vocal, choral and instrumental beauty with great literature and stunning images to create a new performance art for the twenty-first century.”

"Richard Auldon Clark is an extremely talented violist, conductor and composer,” says Georgia. “He and the ensemble bring my work beautifully to life and has always been a pleasure to work with him."

“Georgia has a true passion for poetry and music, and has composed musical settings for poems by some of the world’s foremost poets, including T.S. Eliot, Dante, and Wallace Stevens,” says Dr. Howard Cass, Musical Director & pianist of Ideation Productions. “Each of Georgia’s past concert events has been enthusiastically received, and I am certain that this year’s event, which features three premiere performances, will be received with equal enthusiasm and applause.”

The 3rd and final multi-media piece which will be performed at the May 17 concert is called the Four Seasons. The work features time lapse photography of some of New York’s iconic terraces that has been merged into a video and set to Shreve’s four-movement Piano Concerto.

“The concerto movements guide you through these perspectives from a private and unique vantage of the city. It is my own version of the Four Seasons,” says Georgia.

The concert also includes a new choral piece composed by Georgia, her setting of the poem Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way by Juan Felipe Herrera, the recent Poet Laureate (whose parents were migrant workers) which expresses joy, longing, and optimism.

Georgia Shreve : Alice in Wonderland
Georgia Shreve : The Four Seasons
Georgia Shreve : Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way
Georgia Shreve : Protopia
Georgia Shreve : Four Seasons

18 May 
19 May 
20 May 
21 May 
22 May 
23 May 
24 May 
25 May 
26 May 
27 May

United Kingdom
 Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 2.00pm - 10.30pm 
Pieces for Pauline: A Tribute to Pauline Oliveros
Cafe Oto, London
22 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL
United Kingdom

Tickets: Afternoon concert - £8/£6 in advance; evening concert - £10/£8 in advance; workshop £8 in advance
Rhodri Davies
The Vocal Constructivists
Phil Durrant
Mark Wastell
Bill Thompson
Janet Oates
Kerry Andrews
Deborah Edwards
Derek Foster

CONCERT 1 (doors open at 2pm – concert starts at 2.30) explores Pauline Oliveros’ approach to ‘deep listening’ with drone-based improvised music performed by Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant, Bill Thompson and Mark Wastell.

The ‘DEEP LISTENING' WORKSHOP (4pm) will be led by Viv Corringham, who has worked with Oliveros and is certified to teach ‘deep listening’. This is open to musicians and non-musicians.

CONCERT 2 (doors open at 7:30pm – concert starts at 8.30) will feature pieces by Pauline Oliveros and a structured improvisation from the afternoon workshop. There will also be new pieces by Kerry Andrews, Deborah Edwards, Derek Foster, Janet Oates and Margrit Schenker. The concert will be performed by Rhodri Davies, THE VOCAL CONSTRUCTIVISTS and members of Contakt.

Pauline Oliveros : 13 Changes
Pauline Oliveros : Horse Sings From Cloud
Deborah Broderick Edwards : Meditation on an Oak Tree
Kerry Andrews : əʊtəskəʊp (otoscope)
Derek Foster : Cover Up
Pauline Oliveros : Space of Spirit: Unfolding the New Born Lotus
Janet Oates : Preoccupation Tapestry
Margrit Schenker : Bird Call

28 May 
29 May 
30 May 
31 May 
1 Jun 
2 Jun 
3 Jun 
4 Jun

United Kingdom
 Monday, June 04, 2018 at 6:00pm 
Birmingham International Dance Festival
Birmingham International Dance Festival
Victoria Square, Birmingham
United Kingdom

Tickets: FREE
Andy Ingamells and Maya Verlaak

Andy Ingamells : Tape Piece

5 Jun 
6 Jun 

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