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The Desire/Divinity Project Premiere with Constellation Chor

 03 February 2018 at 8:00pm 

The Desire/Divinity Project Premiere with Constellation Chor

Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South (West 4th St.)
United States

Constellation Chor

Marisa Michelson's Desire/Divinity Project embodies the joyful and aching tension between earthly and divine love by musicalizing the Western worlds oldest erotic poem ("Song of Songs") and Anne Carson's visceral translation of Sappho's fragments. Fifteen singer-movers, members of Constellation Chor, explore singing as a way of merging the interior self with the exterior world. A mixture of live music video, opera, oratorio, and ritual, Desire/Divinity enlivens the sensual and the sacred, the body and the spirit.

Conceived, composed and performed by Marisa Michelson
Directed by Ethan Heard
Movement Direction by Emma Crane Jaster

Marisa Michelson : The Desire/Divinity Project

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