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George Crumb, John Cage, Henry Cowell

 09 June 2017 at 8.30pm 

George Crumb, John Cage, Henry Cowell

Holland Festival

Margaret Leng Tan

Metamorphoses, Book I (2017) is George Crumb’s long-awaited new work for amplified piano. He is the Holland Festival’s composer in focus this year. Crumb wrote this com­position specifically for pianist Margaret Leng Tan. He once called her ‘a sorceress of the piano’ because she is so thoroughly familiar with the unusual sound palette and playing techniques he requires. Tan caused a furore with her virtuoso performance of Crumb’s famous Makrokosmos cycle, and worked for a long time with John Cage, whose The Perilous Night is on the programme too. There are also compositions by one of the founders of the American ex­perimental tradition, Henry Cowell, some of which are played entirely without using the piano keys.

John Cage : The Perilous Night
Henry Cowell : The Tides of Manaunaun
Henry Cowell : Aeolian Harp
Henry Cowell : The Banshee
George Crumb : Advertisement
George Crumb : Metamorphoses, Book I

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