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Tectonics Closing Concert

 07 May 2017 at 7.30pm 

Tectonics Closing Concert

City Halls

Shiori Usui voice
Owen Green electronics
Tim Hodgkinson reeds, lap steel guitar, electronics
Parkinson Saunders voices, samples
Ken Hyder
Gianni Trovalusci flute
Roscoe Mitchell saxophones
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Ilan Volkov conductor

Edinburgh-based composer Shiori Usui’s from scratch is a revised version of her 2007 work, based on her experience of eczema and is scored for orchestra, improvised voice/percussion and live-electronics. Following this Tim Hodgkinson, Shelley Hirsch and Paul May perform as a trio.
After the move to the Grand Hall, Lawrence Dunn’s Ambling, waking is about the everyday struggle to emerge from sleep, but also about ‘waking’, as in mourning. Linda Catlin Smith’s Adagietto pays homage to the slow movements of classical and Baroque orchestral music, their pace “allowing for more complex harmony to be heard”. James Saunders’ World Premiere is typical of his open-form compositions that explore group behaviours and decision making, in this case using memory and mental effort to determine the resulting orchestral sound. Finally, Roscoe Mitchell’s Conversations for soloists and orchestra are based upon transcriptions of works from both of his CDs of the same name.

Shiori Usui : from scratch
Lawrence Dunn : Ambling, waking
Linda Catlin Smith : Adagietto
James Saunders : alternate
Roscoe Mitchell : CONVERSATIONS for orchestra

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