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Ritual in Transfigured Time

 09 July 2016 at 5pm 

Ritual in Transfigured Time

Cheltenham Festival

United Kingdom

Goldfield Ensemble
Langham Research Centre
Rob Godman sound design

What happens when technology becomes obsolete? This concert takes sounds and images from the 1940s, technologies developed in the 1950s, and the unique sonorities of salvaged objects like the innards of old toy pianos, and journeys through the improbable soundscapes of the past century. With new works from Arlene Sierra and Kathy Hinde, the ensembles explore the ‘newness’ of the old and the strangeness of our technological archeology.

Edgar Varèse : Poème électronique
Arlene Sierra : Ritual in Transfigured Time
Kathy Hinde : Singularity
Jonathan Harvey : Ricercare una melodia
Tristan Murail : Les Ruines Circulaires
Langham Research Centre : Muffled Cyphers

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