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Silk Moth - Opera

 01 November 2015 at 7:30pm 

Silk Moth - Opera

20th Century Theatre
291 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2QA
United Kingdom
020 7229 4179

Soprano: Enas Massalha and Ensemble Zar
Conductor: Toby Purser

Music: Bushra El-Turk, Libretto: Eleanor Knight

Co-Directors: Michael Moxham, Maria Koripas
Designer: Giulia Scrimieri

Each year an estimated 5,000 women worldwide are murdered by their own families in ‘honour killings’, 12 of them here in the UK. Silk Moth places onstage a Mother. This one-woman performance raises powerful questions: what is her role in this horrific ‘tradition’? Is she a victim, submissive, or coldly complicit?

Based on a series of workshops and interviews conducted in partnership with IKWRO, the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation, this new work by pre-eminent composer Bushra El-Turk tackles a controversial and sensitive issue, created by a team of internationally renowned artists and performers.

Bushra El-Turk : Silk Moth

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