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Riccardo Panfili World Premiere

 12 April 2014 at 17:00 

Riccardo Panfili World Premiere

Lucerne Festival

Human Rights Orchestra Ensemble | Music classes of the Kantonsschule Reussbühl/KSR | Alessio Allegrini conductor | Riccardo Panfili composer

To change the world through music: that’s the vision and aim of the Musicians for Human Rights organized by Alessio Allegrini, the principal horn player of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA. Through their performances they hope to enhance awareness of issues surrounding human rights and to support specific projects as well. For one thing, human rights can only become reality if all human beings are aware of their rights (along with their corresponding obligations). Moreover, music entails a peaceful coexistence: a way of listening to each other which calls for the involvement of all participants. The Musicians for Human Rights will conduct a several-ay-long workshop with Lucerne students. The participants will discuss the theme of human rights and with these professionals will closely study a new score by the Italian composer Riccardo Panfili. It’s a double challenge, as music teacher Rolf Stucki-Sabeti says, for “in music and human rights alike, you learn to understand what is different and other.”

Riccardo Panfili : The Last Land

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