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MacMillan’s Strathclyde Motets

 22 March 2014 at 7.30pm 

MacMillan’s Strathclyde Motets

Wigmore Hall, London
36 Wigmore St, London W1
United Kingdom

Stile Antico

Stile Antico’s breath-taking artistry is shaped by the deep experience and expertise of its individual members. The early music vocal ensemble effectively works as a chamber music collective, delivering eloquent readings of sacred polyphony without a conductor or single director.

Each work in Stile Antico’s large repertoire unfolds in performance like the interior space of a medieval cathedral, vast and transcendent yet exquisitely rich in surface detail.

The ensemble’s latest Wigmore Hall programme explores fascinating parallels between two composers working four centuries apart, alternating MacMillan’s Strathclyde motets with Byrd’s dazzling liturgical cycle Gradualia. Crowning this memorable juxtaposition is Byrd’s longest and perhaps greatest work, Infelix ego.

William Byrd : Gradualia
William Byrd : Infelix ego
James MacMillan : Strathclyde Motets

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