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CBSO Centre Stage - Lars Vogt

 10 January 2014 at 1.10pm 

CBSO Centre Stage - Lars Vogt

CBSO Centre
Berkley Street. B1 2LF
United Kingdom

Lars Vogt piano
Zoë Beyers violin
Eduardo Vassallo cello

Part of the CBSO Centre Stage season, a series of 50-minute informal and friendly concerts finding the performers ‘at home’ in the CBSO Centre.

Emotion recollected in tranquility: the young Brahms was tormented by an impossible love. Years later, he re-crafted his Op.8 into a trio which distills youthful ardour into music of epic power and deep poetry. Today, it’s the personal choice of one of the world’s greatest living pianists – the incomparable Lars Vogt, who will be performing in close quarters at CBSO Centre.

Juan Maria Solare : Fénix
Johannes Brahms : Piano Trio No 1

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