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Postal Pieces

 15 September 2013 at 9.30pm 

Postal Pieces

Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
United Kingdom
020 7520 1440

Paul Silverthorne solo viola
Tim Gill solo cello
John Constable solo piano
London Sinfonietta

What transforms silence into music? And can one exist without the other? Our traditional methods of listening are grounded in something we rarely even acknowledge, but silence, space and cognition are at the heart of both Morton Feldman and James Tenney’s music. While Feldman’s spacious works have echoes of Rothko’s contemplative, abstract canvasses, Tenney’s music asks the audience to ‘really listen to the sounds, get inside them, notice the details’. Often sparsely notated, with cryptic instructions, they will transform the way you perceive your experience as a listener.

James Tenney : Having Never Written a Note for Percussion
Morton Feldman : The Viola in my Life 3
James Tenney : Cellogram
Morton Feldman : Last Pieces, No. 1
James Tenney : Swell Piece for Alison Knowles
Morton Feldman : Four Instruments

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