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Mopomoso On Tour

 23 April 2013 at  

Mopomoso On Tour


United Kingdom


"Improvising is important to me", says guitarist, John Russell, "because it is the closest I get to what music is."

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Mopomoso co-founder John Russell to produce the first UK tour of Mopomoso.

MOPOMOSO stands for MOdernismPOstMOdernism SO what? and was founded in 1991 by guitarist John Russell and pianist, trumpeter and composer Chris Burn to promote improvised music and its relationship to other forms of contemporary music making Mopomoso has since then presented hundreds of concerts, special events and workshops.

The tour aims to both showcase the work of Mopomoso to a wider audience, and promote the ideas and artists in each city. A series of sets from some of Mopomoso's core players will be complemented with improvisers from each city. With a firm focus on free improvisation, musical references could range from jazz, rock, folk, classical, electronic, world and computer-generated music, representing the broad brush stroke spirit of inclusion embodied in the Mopomoso aesthetic.

About this tour, John Russell says:
“In its monthly series, which takes place at The Vortex - ‘London’s listening jazz club’, Mopomoso offers audiences the chance to hear some of the best music around, in an intimate and friendly setting. Programmed by myself, and now in its 21st year, this tour will recreate some of that ambience with a varied programme of contrasting approaches to free improvisation. By its very nature no two concerts will be the same and we can safely guarantee you won’t have heard anything like this before!”

Date: April 23 - April 30 2013
Venue: UK tour
Produced by: Sound and Music and Mopomoso

MOPOMOSO . : Various

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