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Total Immersion: Sounds from Japan

 02 February 2013 at Various Times 

Total Immersion: Sounds from Japan

Barbican Hall, London
Barbican, Silk Street, London EC2
United Kingdom
020 7638 8891


Takemitsu was a pivotal figure in opening up an authentic creative dialogue between Western and Japanese music. When he retreated to his mountain villa to write November Steps, significantly, he took Debussyís Jeux with him. The result was a haunting, twilit masterpiece which employs the shakahuchii and biwa, to be performed here beside works of Takemitsuís contemporaries (Akira Miyoshi, Toshio Hosokawa) and of the next generation, including Dai Fujikura, who trained almost entirely in the UK and only discovered his native traditional instruments in Europe. His high-octane orchestral writing is both streetwise, humorous and sophisticated, while French-based Misato Mochizuki has devised her Musubi (Knot) from a traditional celebratory dance, but has also utilised techno dance music and gagaku in her work . Film has been an important medium for these composers, and Takemitsuís film scores are explored in our first event. Donít miss, too, the rare opportunity to hear a unique Fusion Project, in which traditional Japanese instrumentalists play alongside members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

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various composers : Takemitsu, Dai Fujikura etc.

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