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Repeating Patterns: the start of U.S. minimalism

 28 February 2013 at 8pm 

Repeating Patterns: the start of U.S. minimalism

Turner Sims, Southampton

United Kingdom

London Sinfonietta

An introduction to the world of minimalism, tracing its origins in 1960s New York loft apartments and art-galleries to a cult musical movement in the '70s and beyond. This concert continues London Sinfonietta's new Landmark series, with a video and audio narrative created by Netia Jones / Lightmap.

La Monte Young : Composition 1960 #7
La Monte Young : X for Henry Flynt
Terry Riley : In C
Steve Reich : It's Gonna Rain
Steve Reich : Clapping Music
Steve Reich : Violin Phase
Philip Glass : 1+1
Philip Glass : Knee Play 2

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