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Babur in London

 07 July 2012 at 16.30 

Babur in London

Cheltenham Festival

United Kingdom

The Opera Group

Life is short; work is long.

Work is building an empire and a dynasty,

A place your people can call their own,

Making something that will live after you.

In a London suburb, four young men and women are preparing a terrorist act. As their mission draws closer, they are disturbed by the ghost of Babur. first Mughal Emperor - poet and warrior. Challenging their convictions, he calls them “children playing at battle, in love with death”, but what are his motives for interfering?

Babur in London tells a haunting story of four young people in today’s society grappling with their beliefs, the consequences of their actions, and their feelings for each other. The piece combines the contemporary poetry of Jeet Thayil with original music by Edward Rushton and will be directed by John Fulljames.

Suggested age suitability 14 +

Edward Rushton : Babur in London

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