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Box of Delights. BCMG Family Concerts

 21 January 2012 at  

Box of Delights. BCMG Family Concerts

CBSO Centre
Berkley Street. B1 2LF
United Kingdom

Mezzo-Soprano: Loré Lixenberg *
Percussion: Julian Warburton / Adrian Spillet / Simon Limbrick / Richard Benjafield
Stage Direction/Visuals: Tim Hopkins

Many a child will have arranged a set of pots and pans and turned them into a drum kit or run a stick along a melodious set of railings at the park, delighting in the music produced. So too, many a modern composer has been fascinated by the sounds around them, whether the resonance of different pieces of metal or wood, the ping of a china cup or the echo of distant bell.

Our Family Concerts introduce young people and their families to the exciting world of contemporary music. These hour-long performances weave theatre and film with the music to create fun, colourful and engaging concerts to ignite young minds.

From the exuberance and joy of Ligeti’s With Pipes, Drums, Fiddles to the ear-catching rustles, taps and scratches of Feldman’s The King of Denmark, be wowed by the sheer virtuosity and theatre of BCMG’s four percussionists and singer Loré Lixenberg.

A cornucopia of percussion instruments more often seen on the classroom music trolley are brought into the limelight and used in magical ways; everyday objects are transformed into wonderful sound makers; and, things you might ordinarily throw away or find at a rubbish tip have astonishing music coaxed out of them.

Before and after the performances, there will be fun activities in the foyer for the young people to create their own music using BCMG’s wonderful array of percussion instruments. So please turn up early or stay afterwards and enjoy the whole BCMG Family Concerts experience!

Best suited to children aged 8-11. Performances will last around one hour.

Lou Harrison : Fugue for percussion
Iannis Xenakis : Rebonds B
John Cage : Second Construction in Metal
Steve Reich : Music for pieces of wood
sean clancy : new piece (BCMG commission)
Morton Feldman : The King of Denmark
John Woolrich : new piece (BCMG commission/ world premiere)
John Cage : Living room music
Gyorgy Ligeti : With Pipes, Drums, Fiddles

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