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Music and Musica at BEA - Arthur Kampela

 10 June 2011 at 8:00 pm 

Music and Musica at BEA - Arthur Kampela

BEA - Brazilian Endowment for the Arts
240 E. 52nd street, New York, NY, 10022
United Statesúsica.php

Flutist Margaret Lancaster will be playing (“Happy Days” - after Beckett), for flute and electronics. Gregor Kitizis virtuosi violin player will play “Gestures.” Musicians in Kampela’s new music band for the show are: Jose Moura (bass), Dan Barrett (cello); Denise Puricelli (keys) and Javier Diaz (percussion).

Kampela’s music navigates between hybridism and complexity. Traditional forms such as “Bossas-Novas” and “Sambas” (popular music forms of his native country, Brazil), receive similar compositional treatment as his more strictly “avant-garde” oriented material.The pieces can be seen/heard as an extension of his approach to music in general and composition in particular. He sees himself inserted in a cosmopolitan / globablized world, “frictioning” against innumerous tendencies and musical styles.

Arthur Kampela : Itinerário de um Baixista sob a noite Sul-Americana
Arthur Kampela : Desafi(a)ndonado

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