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Amrein / Henneberger - Marc Yeats

 14 September 2010 at 8pm - 9.30pm 

Amrein / Henneberger - Marc Yeats

universidade de federal de juiz de fora
Campus Universitário s/n - Ufjf juiz de fora Minas Gera 36036-900

Dirk Amrein - tenor / bass trombone
Jürg Henneberger - piano

MARC YEATS- world premiere . .

Orare for bass trombone and piano

An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion.
It may also be a revealed prediction or precognition of the future, from deities, that is spoken through another object or life-form (e.g.: augury and auspice). In the ancient world many sites gained a reputation for the dispensing of oracula wisdom: they too became known as "oracles," and the oracular utterances, called khrēsmoi in Greek, were often referred to under the same name—a name derived from the Latin verb ōrāre, to speak.

Marc Yeats : Orare for bass trombone and piano

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