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Wooden Fish Ensemble Celebrates the Music of Hyo-shin Na

 07 March 2010 at 4.00pm - 6.00pm 

Wooden Fish Ensemble Celebrates the Music of Hyo-shin Na

Wooden Fish Ensemble Celebrates the Music of Hyo-shin Na
1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
United States

Shoko Hikage, koto
Noriko Tsuboi, koto
Kanoko Nishi, koto
Thomas Schultz, piano
Peter Josheff, clarinet
Terrie Baune, violin
Ellen Ruth Rose, viola
Daniel Reiter, cello

Wooden Fish: the large wooden fish-shaped percussion instrument hanging in Buddhist temples in Korea, struck to announce meal times and to encourage temple residents and visitors to be always awake and mindful, following the example of the open-eyed fish.

Projects of the Wooden Fish Ensemble:
2003 - 65th birthday concerts for Yuji Takahashi; music for koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and piano
2005 - anti-war music for Korean instruments and dancer; Japanese and Korean folk songs
2006 - visiting Korean traditional musicians JeongGaAkHoe; a 60-minute-long piece from 15th century
Korea and Hyo-shin Na's All the Noises in the World
2008 - concerts with Korean piri virtuoso Chi-wan Park; court and folk music of Korea, Hyo-shin Na's
PIA and Frederic Rzewski's Coming Together

Hyo-shin Na : Ocean/Shore 2
Hyo-shin Na : Walking, walking
Hyo-shin Na : Koto Ninano
Hyo-shin Na : Koto Music
Hyo-shin Na : Night Procession of the Hundred Demons

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