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Chance Encounter

 28 September 2007 at 1:30pm & 5:00pm 

Chance Encounter

Seward Park Public Library
192 East Broadway
United States

Composer/vocalist Lisa Bielawa
Grammy Award winning soprano Susan Narucki
Brooklyn's ensemble, The Knights

The Seward Park Public Library presents the world premiere of Chance Encounter, a free, 30-minute musical experience which joins the words of hundreds of passersby with new, live acoustic music set in the midst of daily, urban life, Friday, September 28th @ 1:30pm & 5:00pm outside the Seward Park Library (192 East Broadway @ Jefferson Street). Co-conceived by composer Lisa Bielawa and Grammy-Award winning soprano Susan Narucki, Chance Encounter brings their unconventional, lyrical and soaring music, befitting the grandeur of cathedrals and concert halls, to the busy downtown Manhattan public landscape. Narucki and Brooklyn’s hippest new orchestra, The Knights, become musical chameleons as they move and perform through public space, while integrating common urban elements such as taxicabs, and store entrances, and the library’s windows and park benches. Initially conceived by Bielawa and Narucki as a public experiment in context and perception, Chance Encounter recycles the language of life by inviting pedestrians to remove their iPod buds and participate in a creative listening experience.

Lisa Bielawa : Chance Encounter

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