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The Shops

 22 July 2007 at 7.30pm 

The Shops

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

United Kingdom

Patrick Bailey (conductor)
The Opera Group
CBSO Centre
Berkley Street
B1 2LF

Everybody Shops! Fast-paced and comic, The Shops tells the fictional story of a thief; his daring raids interwoven with his trial and his psychological analysis. The story darkens as the terrible secret emerges of what has happened to the thief’s collection. Meanwhile, the dancing chorus of shoppers merges into a meeting of Shoppers Anonymous. Suitable for anyone who has ever shopped or desired something they couldn’t have.

Edward Rushton and Dagny Gioulami are rapidly becoming one of Europe’s leading composer-writer partnerships. In 2004, they re-worked stories from The Odyssey for The Opera Group: Birds.Barks.Bones. won the Best Stagework Award at the British Composer Awards.

Edward Rushton : The Shops

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