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BCMG The Series

 14 January 2007 at 7:30pm 

BCMG The Series

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

United Kingdom


Mark Turnage’s No Let Up — described by the Chicago Tribune after its premiere there as ‘loud, cheeky and great fun’ — leads off an evening with some strong characters. Next in view is the Australian Brett Dean, with a new vocal piece based around the life of the Australian composer Hugo Wolf. Then come two composers from the Nordic world. Erik Bergman, who died recently at the age of 94, was one of the giants of Finnish music, and his Silence and Eruptions is pretty much what the title suggests: a chamber symphony evoking the stillness and violence of nature. Rolf Wallin, from Norway, offers a sequence of wild musical skirmishes, again with potent descriptive titles, such as Half-Life of Walter in the American Areas and The Golden Monica. (Paul Griffiths)

Come early at 6.30pm for a FREE pre-concert talk with Brett Dean

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Mark-Anthony Turnage : No Let-Up
Brett Dean : Wolf-Lieder
Rolf Wallin : The Age of Wire and String
Erik Bergman : Silence and Eruptions

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