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Push! by David Bruce

 12 July 2006 at  

Push! by David Bruce

Newbury Corn Exchange

United Kingdom


Take a deep breath, grab the gas and air and yell out uncontrollably on a roller coaster journey which combines the comic and the tragic; the epic and the deeply personal; the surreal and the everyday, in an intense and vivid portrait of one of the most extreme, and yet the most natural events that a human being can go through – the process of giving birth.

PUSH! was written by composer David Bruce and librettist Anna Reynolds in a production by innovative opera company Tête à Tête. It was nurtured by Aldeburgh Productions as part of the Genesis Opera Project . Out of a field of 200 international applications, three were finally commissioned by the Genesis Foundation in the spring of 2004 and only two , PUSH! being one, will actually be produced for touring

PUSH! continues the Tête à Tête tradition of building a great evening’s entertainment out of a series of sketch-like scenes. The opera is structured as a series of birth experiences, each centring on the mother’s journey, and coming directly out of her perceptions of the world. Inter-cutting the high drama of these scenes, we follow the gentle, nascent romance between Caretaker and Cleaner as they go about their work on the labour ward. When, in the final scene we follow Cleaner’s own process of giving birth, Push! becomes more than just a series of stories – it becomes a celebration of the pure power and life force bound up in every labouring mother.

David Bruce : Push!

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