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Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra Chamber Concert

 08 September 2005 at 19.00pm 

Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra Chamber Concert

Royal Institute of British Architects, Florence Hall
66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD
United Kingdom

Adam MacKenzie (bassoon)
Julian Milone (violin)
Rachel Roberts (viola)
Rhydian Shaxson (cello)

Join us for a wonderful evening of chamber music in the stunning surroundings of the RIBA Florence Hall, featuring the Soloists of the Philharmonia, and award winner of the 2003 Martin Musical Scholarship Fund, Adam MacKenzie. The evening will also feature the world premiere of 'Dedyushka' - a work commissioned by the Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra from Julian Milone.

A bar will be available pre-concert from 18.15pm and during the interval.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Sonata in B flat
Julian Milone : Dedyushka
Philippe Hersant : Eight Duos
Bernhard Heiden : Serenade
E Dohnanyi : Serenade
Francois Devienne : Quartet in C

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