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Medea Electronique - Emmanuel Manousakis


The group Medea Electronique was formed in Athens, Greece in 2006. Inspired by a play of words Ė Medea and Media, it was based on the artistic crux of the Stench on a white shirt team, namely Christos Laskaris and contemporary music composer Manolis Manousakis. Panagiotis Tsagarakis (computer programming, interactive technology) and Yannis Lolis (video art and computer animation) joined the former after they became acquainted by the appreciation of each otherís work. Sharing a tendency for innovation, an inherent drive towards novelty and a lust for art, the team moves in the field of New Media Arts, as the described roles of the teamís members give away.

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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