Fluxus Boxes - Jenny Jackson

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Fluxus Boxes - Jenny Jackson


2007 for Clarinet Trio and Flexible Wind Orchestra Programme Note: The initial idea for writing this piece came from a visit to an exhibition of art work by members of the Fluxus art movement, most active during the 1960’s. George Maciunas described his work as "...a fusion of Spike Jones, vaudeville, gag, children's games and Duchamp." I liked the sense of fun and the idea that even the smallest event could be turned into a performance. ‘Fluxus Boxes’ requires the players of the wind orchestra to perform a number of short, simple events, some of which are slightly bizarre. The overall effect is that of a very soft texture, which provides a backdrop for the clarinet trio. The focus of the piece is this rather improbable melody, which the three performers play as if they are one performer. Passing notes from one player to the next allows the melody to continue without a break (to allow for breath) and the large leaps in pitch are possible because of the use of the E flat and Bass clarinets, as well as the standard B flat instrument.

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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