AttEtude (0:57) - John Elliott

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AttEtude (0:57) - John Elliott


2-8 June 2006. MIDI-Contest: MidiEngine: Audigy. Sequencer: Sibelius. MidiFont: Merlin Grand. Please listen to the MP3. "AttEtude" began life some time in the early 1990s as a fun little eight-bar repeated bass (LH) pattern. Shortly thereafter, I created a RH pattern. Not being a performer, I could never marry the two except in my head. In 1997, via software, I finally put the two together, expanded the piece with variations, & added a Stride section. But it wasn't until 2006 that I rediscovered the piece, revised it, fleshed it out (internally, as opposed to length), changed tempos & dynamics, & added some fingering suggestions. Now I think it's finally really cool, & exactly what I always intended it to be.

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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