Toccata Passe-Partout (11:10) - John Elliott

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Toccata Passe-Partout (11:10) - John Elliott


12 April thru 06 June 2006 (off and on). MIDI-Contest: MidiEngine: Audigy. Sequencer: Finale 2006. MidiFont: Garritan Personal Orchestra. PLEASE: listen to the MP3, so you can hear what I hear. Some things didn't translate as I wanted from my sequencer file to the MIDI file. NOTES: This toccata is for flute and piano. Passe-Partout is a "key that secures entrance everywhere." Those occasional thumps you hear (beg. at measure 132/7:43) are the pianist's left foot banging sideways against the left-most sustain pedal (well, my sequencer/MIDI approximation of such). LENGTH: 11:16. SECTIONS (specified times refer to the MP3 file): I: Pieces (meas. 1/0:00); II: Parts (meas. 39/2:48); III: Keystones (meas. 77/4:55); IV: Dances (meas.132/7:43); V: The Whole (meas. 148/8:36).

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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