Catacomb Romano (6:21) - John Elliott

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Catacomb Romano (6:21) - John Elliott


4-7 April 2006. MIDI-Contest: MidiEngine: Intel(r) 82801CA/CAM AC\'97 Audio Controller (yes, it\'s embedded in this laptop) Sequencer: Finale 2006. MidiFont: SmartMusic SmartSynth 1 (is that the MidiFont?) Written 06-07 April 2006, entirely at the computer. For oboes, harp, contrabasses, mandolin (well, steel string acoustic standing in for mandolin), violas, and voices. Written entirely in 4/4, but with a rhythmic figure that\'s just off enough to excite you and/or make you uneasy. Trapped in the catacombs by your own sudden upwelling of the fear of death--and death is all around you, even if the bodies have all been removed--your heart races. Is that light the exit?

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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