Sea Changes (11:03) - John Elliott

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Sea Changes (11:03) - John Elliott


“Sea Changes” started life on 26 October 2006 as a trumpet piece to demonstrate for a fellow composer how one might orchestrate a melody to give it more life. I liked the melody so much, a few days later I decided to go all out and write a full orchestral piece using the melody as the basis. It became a sort of theme and variations. Contrary to normal practice, though, the variations are all put into this piece before the main theme is ever heard in full, and in such a way that it is intended that they give the feeling of developing from the melancholy meditation (1:50-3:20) to the full main theme near the end (introduced: 9:15; full-blown: 10:08). “Sea Changes” was completed on 25 November 2006; it was written entirely using Sibelius notation software. To be published in the Winter/Spring 2007 edition of the online magazine Oregon Literary Review (

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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