The Last Days Of King Saul, Overture - Lily Barmor Rose

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The Last Days Of King Saul, Overture - Lily Barmor Rose


The Last Days Of King Saul is a two-act oratorio of two Hebrew ballads by Saul Tchernichowsky portraying the saga of King Saul. The Overture opens the oratorio and sets the mood for the entire work by introducing musical themes that are explored more deeply in later scenes. A microcosm of the oratorio, the Overture permeates an epic quality with dramatic overtones. The emotional aim of the music is to capture listeners in a sincere and meaningful way with musical language that embeds a middle-eastern sound directly linked to the choice of instrumentation. Specific instruments, such as English horn were scored in lieu of others such as horn in F, tenor trombone, or tuba, in order to convey certain emotions and to capture a more intimate instrumental setting. The orchestral swells in the Overture convey Saulís inner turmoil and foreshadow a dark future. Unison strings narrate the epic tale and embody a powerful and haunting presence. Trumpet, trombone and timpani represent heroism and a call to war. Bassoon, high strings, and contrabass are utilized to create suspense. Although the Overture is part of a larger frame, it also stands on its own as an individual composition. It is a little taste of all that is about to transpire in this musical drama.

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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