Adagio para Amantani - Gabriella Frank

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Adagio para Amantani - Gabriella Frank

Program Notes

Adagio para Amantaní is the third movement of Frank’s four-movement double concerto, Compadrazgo, but may also be performed as a stand-alone piece.

Adagio para Amantaní is in homage to the island of Amantaní that Frank visited in the summer of 2006. Situated in the middle of Lake Titicaca between Perú and Bolivia, the island is both beautiful and barren, and its inhabitants absolutely depend on their relationships of compadrazgo in order to survive the cold and arid climate. This movement also serves as an extended cadenza for the soloists in the concerto as it is written only for cello and piano.

Throughout all four movements of the concerto from which this piece it taken, motifs, harmonies, and rhythms are inspired by the folk music of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andean mountains.

– Robert Paterson, derived from notes by Gabriela Lena Frank

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No recordings of this piece currently available.
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