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Sonata for Viola and Piano (2011)
Sonata for Viola and Piano is a tone poem based on a rearrangement of the poem "Song of the Sea" by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Albert Ernest Flemming.

Generative Forms, I: Arcs (2011)
Generative Forms is an electronic composition for fixed media, reflecting my interests in image sonification and self-similarity. The piece has four short movements written using High C, an OSX program that allows the user to compose music visually by mapping sound frequencies against time, The title Generative Forms refers to this idea of building up a larger structure out of elementary shapes. Each movement's overall form directly mirrors the smaller elements composing it. This self-similarity extends not only to the lines in the score, but even to the physical shape of each waveform used to generate sound. For example, the first movement, "Arcs," is made up of sine waves. Since a sinusoidal peak resembles an arc, I drew every line representing a sine wave in an arc shape; these arcs, in turn, were formed into larger arcs, which combined to create an arc representing the whole movement.

Transformation (2010)
for Fixed Media Octophonic Sound

In a Curved Mirror (2009)
for Flute and Fixed Media Electronics

Mirrors (2007)
for clarinet and saxophone

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