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USSS edit
This is part of a soundscape piece constructed by kind permission of the University of Sheffield Sound Studios.

Piano Trio Slow Movement
Henrietta Hill (Violin) Melanie Jones (Cello) Jo-Yee Cheung (Piano) Performed 9 July 2011

A simple mix from a keyboard

Popular styled music for the credits at the end of a film.

Buffer Girl temp

Reflection for Piano
Backing for short film (Straight 8 Festival at Leicester Square)

Andante from Mixed Blessings
This is the central section of Mixed Blessings for string orchestra arranged for organ.

St Timothy's organ: Summer 07

Space sketch
Some material work in progress towards a dance music project for Performing Arts Development Service, Barnsley.

Neo 80s pop track
When Learning Sequencing with Logic software

Martin Thiselton Biography

Martin Thiselton was born in the Summer of 1969 in Bristol. He lived in Sheffield from 1970 until his 'O' levels in 1985 taken at King Edward VII School. He lived for two years in Nottingham whilst working towards his 'A' levels in Music, Maths, and Physics; and then worked towards his degree in Music at the University of Durham. His degree included a first year subsidiary course in Electronics, and a second and third year in Acoustics and Studio composition. He also studied orchestration, fugue, harmony and counterpoint.

He returned to Sheffield in 1990 to work towards a Masters degree in organ performance and composition which was completed in 1993. Between 1993 and 1996 he wrote two pieces for organ and orchestra entitled Rhapsody and Study. He also won a prize for a high score in a grade 8 theory paper. He has continued to live in Sheffield, although in 1996 worked towards a docterate degree in composition under Nicholas Sackman at Nottingham University. This was completed in 2001 during which time he received a prize for his piece Four Songs from the North.

Martin now works for the Sheffield Music Academy and the Performing Arts Development Service in Barnsley. He has been a guest conductor for two orchestras, and is an organist (St Timothy's Church, Sheffield), keyboard and viola player.

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