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Der Tod von Eva B. (Eva B.'s death)
lyrical poem for soprano solo (Amy Christianna Blake) and symphonic orchestra

Galaxies (excerpt)
symphonic poem for soprano solo, organ, rock group, and symphonic orchestra

Padre Pio e la Notte Oscura (padre Pio and the dark night)
Opera. short excerpt from scene 4

Antichristi, oratorio (short excerpt)
" Antichristi " was composed from the texts of the four Gospels or the Epistles by Paul It is the common story of a personal ambition, the one of a wise man who wants to control a small sect 2000 years ago. Time has piously erased the least convenient elements. This man is called Saül de Tarse ; under the name of Paul he became the true founder of the christian church. First the ally of the Herodians and Pharisians and himself the author of numerous massacres, Saul goes to Damas. As he declared it later on, Jesus appeared to him on his way ( a blinding vision without any witness); during this encounter Christ makes him into his main apostle in pagan territories. Thus self-proclaimed, Paul annexes the image of Christ and spreads it energetically; in the meanwhile he changes somewhat the Christ's message. Many people suspect Paul of being the Antichrist whom John and Luke denounce.

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Padre Pio e la Notte Oscura de

Enregistrement de Padre Pio e

Galaxies, poème symphonique (e

"Der Tod von Eva B." Jean-Pier

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