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"Dao" no 37 - "The World Settles"
Inspired by verse 37 of Lao Tzu's philosophical text "Tao Te Ching": "Dao endures without a name, Yet nothing is left undone. If Kings and Lords could possess it, All beings would transform themselves. Transformed, they desire to create; I quiet them through nameless simplicity. Then there is no desire. No desire is serenity And the world settles of itself." This musical reflection was written in 2008 and is scored for small chamber orchestra.

"Birth of a Broadsword" from "Viking Suite"
An example of my writing for handbells, this movement is written for 6 ringers in 9/8 time - a challenging piece for an advanced team! Handbell scores are available directly from the composer - email katrinathurso @ aol.com

Mary Ann Calder - a string quartet
Describing a day in the life of Mary Ann Calder - an extraordinary lady who worked her croft on the most northerly tip of mainland Scotland for the whole of her long life. This piece is published by Recital Music and available to buy from: http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=RM127

"Dark Angels Dance"
This work was "Highly Commended" in the 2011 Shipley Arts Festival Composition Competition. Here's the programme note: Just like ordinary angels, Dark Angels sing as they wake up… But once they’ve reached a perfect cadence and had a wash, they are much more mischievous than your everyday angel. They dance, skip and stamp their way through their day, having lots of fun being just a little bit naughty as they grant your wishes and make your dreams come true. Written with the mixed ability of a regional string orchestra in mind, “Dark Angels Dance” is crafted to be enjoyed by young pre-grade-5 musicians. The first violin part explores 3rd position in D major and D minor with easy shifts (remember your Grade 3 scales, young fiddlers?!) While the double bass part does include some Grade 3 level accidentals, it does not venture too high and is accessible to early grade players. The middle string parts (cello, viola and 2nd violin) can all be played comfortably within first position. The challenge and enjoyment in performing this piece comes from the mischief – the young players are required to sing, to use a mix of pizzicato, arco and col legno - and the dance skips along through some very unusual time signatures. Filled with melodies that will haunt you day and night, “Dark Angels Dance” is a piece to be enjoyed by performers and audiences alike.

List of Works
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Katrina Gordon Biography

Katrina Gordon studied at the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music. Her showcase page details the wide range of music that she has written in recent years, from beginner bassoon trios to full orchestral scores. Some of her music is published by Recital Music and some by Spartan Press. She is available for commissions from groups or individuals, professional or amateur. Links to potential funders of commissions are also provided within her showcase pages.

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Sheet music by Katrina Gordon