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Mal Sueño

Stray: "to move so as to escape from control or leave the place where one should be". Chamber ensemble. Players from the Rotterdam Conservatorium, Hans Leenders, Conductor. Rotterdam, January 2010

Chamber ensemble. Ensamble Permutaciones, Samuel Pascoe, conductor. Mexico 2007

Movement for String Quintet

7 Digressions
Based on poems, happenings, pictures, improvisations or even asbtract notions and loose ideas; the 7 Digressions are musical allegories that aim to represent in a poetic way the nature of disjointed thoughts, of the mental images and ocurrences that appear inevitably in the mind in a free, careless and natural way, and of the trace of affections and sentiments that they may leave behind. Musically speaking, this growing catalogue of piano miniatures are experiments on how to, in a brief amount of time, state a dramatic discourse and explore freely, imaginatively, a wide range of harmonic, textural and melodic effects on the instrument. Maarten Van Veen, Piano, Rotterdam May of 2011.

Opposition Brings Concord...
Inspired by the reading of ancient greek cosmology and the “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” by the english poet William Blake, the piece is a musical reflection about the nature of contrasts, of contraries; and their relentless and necessary interaction: light and darkness, movement and stasis, will and reluctance, good and evil...They conform the essence and the discourse of this music. ASKO-Schoenberg Ensemble, Bas Wiegers conductor. Amsterdam, April 2011.

3 Improvisations

Ether is the subtle, invisible, imponderable, elastic fluid that according to some outdated theories, fills all space, and into which vibrations, light, heat and other forms of energy are able to travel across the universe. For this piece, I used as a base a palette of recorded radio emissions from planets, pulsars, northern lights and other cosmical phenomena and by means of emulating, blending, contrasting, or processing them with audio effects and midi instruments, I constructed a "moving soundscape" that aims to represent my particular image of the cosmos in its overwhelming loneliness, infinite mystery and power.

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