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Dreaming River
This piece of music come from a soundtrack created for Marco Kamareddine's experimental film - "The Journey". Film is still in a production phase, however the visual sample of this excerpt can be viewed at:

100 Steps - Original Soundtrack
"100 steps" is my first "experimental" movie (I'm not a film maker thou ;)). Shot in Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne in the summer 2010 (November). I was waiting for my exam rehearsal in the Victorian College of the Arts and as being too early (as usual) I decided to take few shots of my surroundings with a video camera. My inquisitiveness took me through a short but very revealing journey through the "micro-cosmos" discovered along the 100 steps walk through the park. The initial idea evolved around basic visual material to serve as a conceptual "brain-food" for my music. To some extend I could call it a video clip. The music/soundtrack features french horn, trumpet, celesta, marimba, string and woodwind sections, voices and few electronic "gizmos" :) ... Harmonically it is based on whole-tone scale and modal gestures. In essence - this work is a tribute to the ocean in the glass of water, to the forest in the flower pot, the dramas and dilemmas of hard working critters of our outdoors etc :) film clip:

Strength Boss Theme
iPwn Studios' project - "Blood Knight" - upcoming game for iPhones and Android market. This piece is an encounter theme written for the first chapter of the story...

Evolution of Technology Soundtrack
This is mockup soundtrack I created for an existing German commercial. This clip is for demonstration purposes only. I thought that outlining the "Sense of place" and bringing the narrative of visuals closer to audience would be a good idea to show in a music. Also, I think that didgeridoo works really well with orchestra here. Video clip:

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