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Viola Concerto 2005 (The Sweetness of Sorrow))
Rich melodic textures, strata within strata of melodic passages of instrumentation.

Concerto for Forest and Orchestra 2007
"Before I entered into the Forest of Sonus I sat in the dark to accentuate your desired effect before listening to Concerto For Forest & Orchestra. Insects, bugs, birds chirping, scampering critters on the forest floor, leaves falling and even foliage growing, and with every footstep broken twigs, until finally the Sun Beams coming through the canopy and then vanishing again unable to penetrate the dense forest. " Zeno Alma - Harpist

Concerto for Tuba and Everyone 2008
A challenge for the tubist and a chance to showcase the range and dexterity of the instrument.

Concerto for Clarinet 2009
" A brilliantly compact and steady stream of creative energy. Quite marvellous and engaging." Thomas Hill - Principal Clarinet, Boston Philharmonic

Piano Concerto 2001 (Aera Dementia)
"The piano concerto is an exquisite piece, and I truly mean it when I say it is geniusly modern. Modern in a most original and meaningful way. It doesn't sound like anything else. And yet the sounds and rhythms it manages to create, refer to modern life: its REAL sounds and rhythms. You can hear familiar contemporary life sounds... but created by acoustic instruments, and at the same time controlled and elevated into a great art-form. Georges-Emmanuel Lazaridis

Choral Symphony 2004 (Eulogy Cantata)
Please go to my website to view the video which displays the words as they are sung. Thank you

Cello Concerto 2003 (Träumesturm)
"It seems to be a work of great strength and beauty, with some extraordinary scoring and a powerful message." Alexander Baillie

Violin Concerto 2002 (In Pursuit of Innocence)
" I thought that your writing conveys very strong imagery. This is really important, and I think you depict the emotional content of the work very well (and I'm sure it would work better with human performers too!). Just two examples that I found especially effective were the birdlike flitteriness (for want of a better word!) of the violin part in the higher registers, and the use of the church bell-like percussion sounds ? I felt at times as if I were listening to Dickensian gothic novel! " Simon Hewitt-Jones

Concerto for India (2011)

Piano Concerto 2006
It seems to me an extraordinary work: Full of new colours, ferocious and apocalyptic rhythms. A very Unique Work. I would be enchanted to perform it. Greetings and Congratulations. Michel Mañanes

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Eulogy Cantata - The Word I am

Keith Perreur-Lloyd Biography

A childhood exposed to much classical music, cinema, and the theatre, led to Keith having the idea of being composer since his youth. A life-time of travel and working all over the world — over a thousand recordings for the BBC in London; programmes for the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation, the Forces Broadcasting Corporation in Cyprus, Teheran Television, CKGM and Public Radio Canada, and the Salzburg Festival Announcer in the 60’s. He was commissioned by Recorded Books in NY — and later set up his own enterprise to produce dramatisations of classic works, including a biography of Beethoven in which he took the lead role.

Keith retained the musical ideas that he created as a young man, in his head for over half a century, as he had found the process of writing them down too laborious! Many years later, Sibelius Software enabled him to resurrect his original improvisations. He has worked since then for 2/6 hours each day, producing one major work (Concerto or Symphony) during each of the past 10 years.

His Music is available on his web site

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